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Every minute

by Ainara LeGardon

Last day 02:29
There are stories we lived along this same road, when we both were free and thirsty for love. Wind rustling through the trees and a distant voice warned us about who we would become. We felt fear of the unknown on your last day of freedom. Rewind, rewind, rewind, don´t stop at this place. Underwater there are 200 corpses. You´ll become a ghost yourself sooner than later if you let reason lead your heart. We felt fear of the unknown on your last day of freedom. Our last day.
No end 02:47
I´d never thought of your looks as a curse. You´d never thought of my kisses as a plea. Now look at what we´ve done with our love. Is this what we want us to be? Cursed love, I´m no good. I won´t let you go. This fire, this fire we can´t ignore. The roughness of your hands is lighting me. Although you´re back to her you lust for love. Just close your eyes and tell me who you see. Love, you´re no good. I won´t let you go. Cursed love, I´m no good. I won´t let… Cursed love has no end. I won´t let it go. Cursed love, you´re no good. I won´t let… credits
Magnetic 03:36
I just can´t drop your hand but I don´t dare to look at you. Deep in me I know you could be anyone. But you are YOU. You are magnetic, you are the South Pole, you´re an infection of consciousness. You´re the one who makes us shine again. You´re weightless. Unaware of the consequences I let you take control. I felt drawn to you. You´ll move my heart from now on. You will drive my heart from now on.
White 03:56
Back to the city with you on my mind. Frozen fields seem pretty for the first time. One more winter and it will be 20 since I started dreaming about present life. I love Decembers and I love Mays. They always bring the greatest of days. Strangers, let me be on my own for a while. I need to taste these memories before they fade to white. I want to spark so many lies, many more than we´ve already spread. I´m your lady in your bed.
Every minute 02:29
I´ll make every minute count, just hold on to me, don´t go out of sight ´cause I´ll make every minute count. I´ll stay strong for you this time. Put into reverse, to the magic land where they cast a spell on us; you and me. You and me. You´ve been bright enough to break the rules, firm enough to think it over, brave enough to feel fear. No one will remain unharmed when you decide. You and me.
In the woods 03:46
The most beautiful eyes in the world are not yours. They live in the faces of all good men from the North. In the woods I heard the raven beating its wings, in the woods I heard it giving thanks. In the woods I heard water dripping down as I fell asleep beneath the ice. All you, scavengers, leave me alone. I am not easy prey now. My heart and soul have turned to bone. I am not easy prey now.
The reflection of your body against mine in our minds made her feel the danger coming ´round in her sleep. …And the boring life we will never live, and the words we will never say to each other. The reflection of your body against mine under no light made her feel the danger (at every minute) coming ´round in her sleep.
We are ready 03:15
Dark, dark. No matter where to, you always drive as we talk, melding our words. We are ready for the end of the world. On the seashore, salt in my eyes. You tried to capture what was inside. I forgot to jump over the rising tide. Now we are ready. You will live forever in the knives of this wind cutting my face, you will live forever. Raindrops against the roof, they rocked us all night through. You rock me all day long, ready to hear the rest of my moans. You will live forever in my glance full of pride, making me better you will live forever. You will live forever in the knives of this wind cutting my face, you will live forever.
It was speeding to the South and we thought it was the end. What a beautiful sight to behold holding your hand; The end of our world. We were frightened to death, looking for each other´s eyes, feeling safe. I couldn´t think of anyone better than you to share such a moment with. And if I have to leave, I want to go with you. Pure strength, don´t lose your wings. I won´t fly without you.


El Viaje como hilo conductor. No uno concreto, sino todos los que han hecho de mí quien ahora soy.

Cerca del frío y del agua. Del hielo.

Conversaciones imaginadas en un tren. Miradas a través del cristal. Respuestas clavadas en el reflejo al penetrar en la oscuridad de un túnel.

Las vidas que no viviré. Las vidas que sí he vivido. Los minutos que prometo no volver a malgastar.

La necesidad de saborear ciertos recuerdos antes de que fundan a blanco.

Decidimos, nadie sale indemne.

Ahora estamos listos.

(Ainara LeGardon)


released October 7, 2014

Todas las canciones, compuestas por Ainara LeGardon.

Grabado por Paco Jiménez en Moby Dick Club (Madrid, abril 2014).

Mezclado y masterizado por Karlos Osinaga en Bonberenea (Tolosa, septiembre 2014).

Ainara LeGardon: guitarra, voz, sonidos y grabaciones adicionales.
Rubén Martínez: bajo.
Héctor Bardisa: batería.

Naiel Ibarrola: piano preparado en Magnetic.

Diseño gráfico: Ramon M. Zabalegi.

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